Just introduce myself and also my plan about more suggestion to some civilizations

Hello my friends in this my favorite game, my name is KOI in fact, which u can see me in ELO easily.

As u can see, I am more good at supremacy team , treaty and empire wars, which means I surely have a better understanding of “later” war. I am good at supremacy and also treaty so I can give suitable suggestion to balance supremacy and treaty.
Nowadays some civilizations still have critical defect in later age which may be after 3rd or 4rd age , even 5rd. It causes great unbalance now in treaty game and also late supremacy game that we cant play such civilization in treaty game even supremacy team game(because we always age to 4rd even 5rd age to end the game).
I hope every civilization keeps its special ways, and also provide its special ways to anti its flaws, such as American aborigines civilization do not have artillery so for the balance we should provide for them to have its special and effective ways to anti artillery from Europe.
Last time I report The card Leather Soldiers bugs for unit Cruzob Infantry this draft and thanks to production group we can use Maya civilization now in treaty game and also vs AI game.
Later I will give more suggestion which do not hurt supremacy game’s balance and also strengthen treaty game, so that we can enjoy every civilizations’ special ways but not be disgusted by its hopeless imperfections .I hope production group can refer to my suitable suggestion which I play myself then think it can be promoted and also I will use data to analyze its rationality for balance.
And I also wants to add special design to strengthen these flaws refer to the civilization history.
In fact as u see , I am from China so little hard for me to communicate in this community. The reason why I try this may no payoff action is that I was greatly moved by the enthusiasm of the production group. I have been playing age3 for more than ten years , this is the most special RTS type game I have ever seen.
I have seen these two years how production group try to promote this “old” game, thanks to your great work in Definitive Edition, at last I have courage to send my thought which I communicate with other players in ESO ,EP and other platform these years.
I also have many suggestions from my Chinese friends , such as ArtisttZ
This year the production group give Chinese New year event and also strengthen in Chinese civilization which attract more Chinese player to play. In fact ArtisttZ is an influential person in game video area, he made many promotional video in bilibili.com about age3.
And I also gather more suggestion form Chinese top players ,such as 萌新之家 联合王国 these treaty clans that u can see in treaty leaderboards:
So we just come to several conclusion about how to strengthen treaty play and also it do not have a great effect on supremacy game.
This is my purpose to create this draft. I hope the production group can refer our suitable advice , and later I will create new drafts to give suggestion about Maya and Aztecs. Thanks for reading , if the production group can take care my suggestion is better lol.


And one question how can I send more pictures not only one?
I need more pictures to show my analysis.