Just "lost" a 2v2 because my teammate surrendered

Per title, I just “lost” a 2v2 because my teammate surrendered. I had a huge counter army flanking, better econ, but my teammate got wiped by a hair and once he surrendered it also forced the loss on me. This should NOT be a thing.


I mean there’s nothing you or the devs can really do about that. If people quit and give up easy that’s just the way it is. Happens in all the age games very annoying but I don’t see how anyone can do anything about it


I suppose he means he wanted to carry on playin 2v1 but couldnt?

This is correct, but after playing more games this seems it was a one-off (I haven’t lost any games since, but when my team has wiped enemy team players the other players on the enemy team didn’t auto lose), so I’m not exactly sure what happened.

I’ve now had this a second time. My teammate and I were both in a team pre-match, and after he was killed and left the score screen (while I was still in game and the game was still going) it then auto-kicked me. Might be a bug with being in a team

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Was it a premade Group and was your teammate the leader?

If that is the case, if group leader leaves the game in postmatch screen i think it drags you with.
So pretty sure that is what happens. If you in premade group the groupleader should appearantly for the moment just stay until match is over, or the whole group will leave the match.

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Yes, pre-made. That’s a pain, I’ll just have to make sure I’m the leader from now on as my mate usually has to go bed earlier etc so he just bails if he dies, so I guess the other one or two times he’s left I would’ve been the group leader. Hopefully the devs are aware of this issue?

I suspect it’s because you teammate is the game’s host, his computer is acting as the “game server” and doing all the calculations, so when he quits you all quit.

Naa, if host left, new host will be selected. Thats not the issue. Otherwise countless of Teamgames would be dropped all the time if host leaves the game. Also you get the occasional message “you are now the host of the game” during a match.

I am fairly sure about the Groupleader drags Groupmembers with him thing.

This is absolutely a bug that needs to be addressed, and there’s two threads about this in the Report a bug forums. The same thing happened to me in a recent 2v2:

I got landmark sniped (totally my bad… Thought I could raise a new army faster than I did), but my teammate and I were way ahead and about to eliminate an opponent, leaving a favorable 1v1 match. Once I left the stats screen, though my teammate got kicked out of the match.

On a similar note, 2v2 quick matches can start even if your teammate drops due to connection issues, leaving you with an unfavorable 2v1.