Just occurred to me: No Fire for Siege projectiles

Just realised, you can’t research chemistry or the fire arrows tech to add a flaming graphic to any of the siege projectiles.

First off, visibility of siege projectiles is currently garbage, and I can’t see where they come from let alone where they land sometimes, just units die (especially magonels)

Secondly, the coolness factor. You can’t just not have flaming siege projectiles. I don’t even care if it doesn’t add much damage.

Aoe1 and 2 had this. Aoe3 gets cannons so doesn’t quite count… can’t remember is aoeO got this, but think it did.

How is Aoe4 going to remain cool for longer than 2 weeks if the projectiles of mangonels and trebs can’t be lit on fire?

It’s a simple calculus. - Some run-of-the-mill marvel villain probably.

Put this up there with adding picking your team colour in the first patch.


Well, you do need to add a step to the siege reload time, where a siege enginear set the siege projectile on fire.

But, the developper do not care about siege enginear, i dougth they had fire siege projectile.

The weard thing is that they did take time to do fire arrows, i wonder wy.

Maybe the fire arrow was a mistake of one of the develloping team, that add too much content by mistake.

Its these small things that makes it hard being interested in aoe 4 for a long time. Only solution would be to play other games.

BFME had perfect fire siege. I had a blast using them and crushing the enemy units.