Just only ONE KEY for all constructions instead of Menu I (Q), II(W), III(E) or IV(R) please!

I was waiting for this patch with the hope to be able to access to all buildings with only one key, and not a different key for every Age, the current design has a lot of problems where you prefer to build with the mouse instead of the keyboard, one problem, for example, is if you want to build a barrack but instead for any reason you want to use those resources to build an archery, you need to press ESC to go the menu of “W” because you have “Q” menu active in that moment, that would not be a problem if you have only ONE KEY for all, maybe only “Q” to access to all buildings or whatever, but only one key.


I was really hoping to be able to map all the construction menus to the same key and then map each building to whatever I wanted (so there wouldn’t be conflicts). I very much dislike the 4 construction menus, and don’t understand why they didn’t just stick with a Military menu & Other menu.

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Agreed, they make stuff complicated for the sake of being complicated. The Remappable Hotkey system still does not work in its entirety, still very limited.

I think that contruction model menu comes from other RTS games design, I am not aware of those games, but that could be probably the reason to that design in Age IV, I only play Age 2, no time for more RTS games, my concern is because in Age 2 you can customize almost all buildings and interactions, and I was hoping to find the same in Age IV given that the game is from the same company, is Age III similar to age 2 or the same problem is also present in Age III?