Just played 2 games and I am confused

The first game I played it was on Nomad. I lost. I thought I should ban it. But wait? Nomad isn’t on the map pool!! How can I ban it or play it.

Next game I played was on Baltic, which I haven’t checked but I think this isn’t on the map pool too.

Can anyone confirm!?

Map pool rotation recently updated.
Just restart the game and the new maps will show up.

I restarted after the 1st game.

I saw other people reporting the same issue. They probably going to fix it after the maintance.

Enjoy while it lasts :slight_smile: It’s fun to get to play all the maps that people normally skip through :wink:

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Lol the new 1v1 rotation is literally just a bunch of Arabias

Ranked will not be ranked for me until we have all maps available and no map bans or civilization selection :wink: