Just rollback the goddamn pathing to a previous patch

What the hell are the devs doing? WHY ISN’T THIS BEING HOTFIXED?

If you can’t fix your code, just roll back the pathing code to an earlier patch. It was never good, but at least it was better than it is now.

We have multiple new bugs now, and none of the previous issues were fixed.

New Bugs:

  • Villagers dropping off resources at a far away building instead of the one right next to them.
  • Villagers getting stuck between each other frequently while working. (existed before but was never this bad)
  • Villagers idling instead of going to work because they all want to harvest from the same tile instead of spreading out.
  • Units going around a choke point instead of through because it was temporarily blocked by a unit in the group.
  • Units moving in the opposite direction from the units they are trying to regroup with.

Warcraft 3: Reforged is in a better state than AoE2: DE right now, kekw.


Adding to this, monks literally walk a full circle around a monastery to drop off a relic. Jaw dropping experience.


Don’t forget the sudden teleportations units have in all games.


Don’t forget the bug where units don’t attack sometimes.


I am going to play hd until the bugsss are fixed.

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AoE2 is not a nice well made modern software with separate parts that are cleanly divided from each other.

A change in one part of the code can brake things in a random other place that you can’t predict.
Cleaning up this mess takes some time.

If they could just revert that one part of the code to the old state they would have done that already.
Likely some other thing will brake if they do so. Maybe Mule Carts would stop working or some other bug would come back.

But I’m optimistic that they are working on improving/fixing the pathing, it’s just not something where you simply go in and “fix” a mistake.
It needs a lot of testing and iterations because it interacts with a lot of systems in the game.


This shouldn’t prevent you from doing some proper testing before releasing a patch.

Whatever tradeoff there is, pathing is undoubtedly the most important functionality that just cannot regress (as long as the game doesn’t crash). You can’t fix anything at the cost of pathing regression.

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I can’t tell you why they didn’t notice it in internal testing.

Your priorities don’t necessarily align with everyone else priorities.
The pathing being janky doesn’t fundamentally brake the game.
Yes it is annoying and it might make you lose a match or something like that (it is equally likely to make the enemy lose their match too) but it won’t prevent you from playing the game or using any of it’s features.
Like imagine if villagers couldn’t use farms anymore, that would be a lot worse. It would make the game practically unplayable in almost every scenario.

There is a lot of potential worse bugs the game can have.


new plan for devs, port the new civs/content over to HD until DE is fixed. Lol.


If that’s the case, there’s no way around just completely rewriting the pathing from scratch instead of trying to hunt down all the bugs in this ancient, outdated spaghetti code.

They should have done that much earlier, but they probably thought they could fix it without having to do so. Now it’s high time for them to realize that they can’t.

Didn’t they say they were doing exactly that in one of their news articles a year ago?


Revert back to HD. It was far better at this point.

for old games like this (including some othr that I know of like total annihilation) when they add extra content they gotta redo other stuff, but they should think ahead and try to give as most room as possible to not affect stuff as much down the road.

now we got this problem, adding new stuff breaks other unintentionally and they dont got the man power to test everything

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man that lonely leitis abandoned by his psyonic friends hit me

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Even in the reveal of DE there were problems with pathing. Look at 13:15 and see how many units are straight up ignoring collision and doing weird things. I think they attempted to revamp pathing completely prior to release and these issues we’re seeing are still related to those adjustments. It seems like they had the choice of keeping og pathing, but decided to do their own thing. Seems like the other changes they back-ended into the game code could have left this alone like in HD, but I’m not a programmer.

I would consider adding a series of test cases as the benchmark. This is very natural in software development. Just keep many scenarios where the current pathing algorithm succeeds/fails and run any new implementation through it. The community should have contributed enough to those failing cases already. If Dev keeps including the reported bugs in this test system, the game should be in a way better position.

imagine at 70 civs count, that’d be like 10-14 more DLCs. how many more cycles of this breaking fixing (each cycle taking about 6-12 months lmao)

All this guessing about how easy or hard it would be to revert/fix the pathing/formations.
I wish they would just tell us why there are issues with the pathing/formations and what they are doing to fix it.