Just say gg

so ive been playing for a long time, id like to see players talk more at least say gg at the end of the game. is that so hard ? it seems no one want to work as a team as well it just makes me sad. remember glhf


If audio chat taunts are coming back, I hope there’s GG/GLHF ones

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True about gg at the end of a game. Some people that take the meaning of these acronyms literally here have argued that they dont type glhf before a match because that would be dishonest, since in reality they dont wish luck upon the opponent. My counter argument was “how about at least saying -hi- then”?

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I mean the hf part of glhf usually. The gl is just a nice formality that makes people feel better before the bloodbath starts, although I like to do it as well.

Yeah it’s been wierd, people just don’t talk lol.

The amount of just silent surrenders I’ve seen makes me sad.

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it kinda depends.
I normally talk to my opponent and see their impressions of strategies to use in future matches if they hang out for a minute. I played a game in closed beta where I played a guy and talked for a good 10-13 minutes after match about the game state and future of it, and general impressions.
I played one today where I talked to the opponent about the merit’s of building 20+ hunting cabins, and constantly producing scouts.

I played one yesterday where I said nothing and left after the game and saying gg.

That’s sad. imagine not having enough self esteem to be able to wish well for your opponent. It doesn’t mean that you wish they would win, just that they give you a good run for your money…

I don’t say gg unless I win typically because I am upset that I lost because of some random dumb thing. Later on I’ll watch the game and comment how well they did though and why didn’t I think of that, etc.

Honestly, sometimes I forget to type GG, and until the end screen pops up I can’t speak.
So I can’t say GG until after the match. which means they’ve already left cause they click out immediately.
I bet a fair bit of people do the same thing.

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I made a rule for myself, I always type glhf, if my opponent answers anything kindly, whether it’s hf, glhf, or a simple hi, I always give gg, whatever the game finish. otherwise, I leave the match with the same silence he “responded” to before the match started. I always try to be nice to those who are nice, and indifferent to those who are indifferent.

Well said

In any battle having respect for your opponent shows you have honor and dignity. To not show respect for your enemy will always make u the lesser person, you wont improve, and whether u care or not no one will have respect for u

I think people might be saying it but just hitting enter so its only to their team… I wish on 1v1s pressing enter defaulted to talking to opponent. Why should you have to push shift + enter?


Super weird, hopefully it gets patched at some point. I’ve previously said GG to no one, for tons of games because I never knew I had to press shift enter.

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I agree people almost never talk, and I didn’t get a single gg when I won, only when I loose and even then rarely.
But from other games genres that I play I can certainly confirm AOE4 has by far the least toxic community, maybe the fact that those games made for smart and strategic people has something to do with that.

Dropping a simple gg ez is just common courtesy and I try to always do it.


Hmm, to be honest, I don’t like to say gl and gg because most of my games are not good, actually, a lot is quite long and boring because I am dumb. I don’t like longer matches than 25 min. Hf is okay.

But I like to talk in the beginning and ask where my opponent is from, and etc. I like to know it, it’s always a good feeling that I can play with people all around the world. And that little chit-chat makes me less annoyed when I lose, whats quite usual (sadly).

But i don’t have any problem with silent people, just play and go. That’s it.

I Never say ez at the end of a match. That’s just rude in my opinion. I’ve had people say ez at the end and they didn’t even have an easy win, AoE 3 that is.


I reported you for not respecting me and my peoples culture. Not only did you have an opinion on my culture (which is in of itself fine), you demanded that I stop because you deem your culture and way of living to somehow be morally superior. Or more correct. I find the entire thing not only rude, but also very offensive.

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I have been using Chat since day 1. But only thanks to some post did I find out that none of my opponents ever received my message.

Because for some reason on dev thought “Lets just make it so pressing ENTER opens the team chat, in a 1vs1 game.”

So I had been talking to myself in every single game.

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Usually my games ending with a win after 13 minutes with longbows and rams
people never say gg to this, they hate me lol