Just starting to play again and a few Q on Rated

I play AoE2 when it was on the Zone countless years ago.
I just like playing Green Arabia, is it possible to play rated games without having to do RM, I see you can block some maps but not all.
I would prefer to focus on one map to start with. Playing AoE2 DE
Thank you.

No, it’s not possible to do that.
“But why? this is a dumb design decision!”
yes it is.

is it possible to play rated games without having to do RM? Yes. You can play rated DM games.

Green Arabia is not part of the map pool, though.

But Arabia generates as green arabia sometimes.

You can only ban 3 maps for 1 versus 1.

This is not a dumb design decision. The fact that there are 3 potential water maps means you can play land map only if you wish … but you will get more variety than purely playing one or two maps … which is a good thing.

I played Arabia only for many years. I was glad I moved on from that, though. Arabia is still my favorite map but I realized it’s still better to play at least a few different maps rather than only one map.

Rated is supposed to be competitive and most tournaments nowadays don’t specialize with 1 map only.

What’s more, playing more than map will teach you different strategical skills.

When you resign in first minute of the match, then you don’t lose any ELO. So if you have patience, then you can just quit matches till you get your beloved arabia :slightly_smiling_face: