Just watch this pathing and a Step Imbalancers

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Sorry, but I don’t understand your complaint about pathing there. From what I could get yellow were trying to drive their army towards the castle to kill the king. Thing is that it only had a 1-tile space between the house and the gold to fit almost 30 units at a single time for the path they choose by attack-click commanding this big of a group. This added to a decent body blocking from grey cavalry. Surely they’ve killed yellow with ease, but also yellow had little to none reaction. Feels that this could be better micro’d…


I don’t get it neither, pathing looks fine in the clip

Guys you are blind. Replay is with “view lock”. I clicked many times to go, but my units didnt walk. They are straggled for a few seconds until get stuck in 1 tile where from they could not escape. Units just dont listening to my commands!
Second point is that i had 31 full-up elite mamelukes + few incoming units and still lost to ~same amount of Step Imbalancers. This is should not ever happen, because mamelukes are should countering them. I should shred them like a chicken, but they are have too much attack. Also mamelukes had 3 range and from spot of 1 tile they should easy kill all SL that has only 1 range! But it didnt happened!

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Understandable, I’m sorry for being blind. Have a nice day!