Justice for Japan AOE3

I only play treaty not just treaty but those 40 - 60 mins treaties. My main is Japan and every time they release a new update I look forward to the changes they make to the Japanese civ and like every time I get disappointed. I could complain about dozens of problems in terms of treaty in this game but there is just one thing I can’t let go after having read the latest update.

So unfortunately, they(the devs) seem to not understand that Japan is highly dependent on their shrines and the shrines depend on the animals they gather and I don’t know how long it will take them to realize that. Japan needs to be able to make their 88 sheep without having to beg others or place their shrines in strategically dangerous positions where the herds on the map are which also starts a fight between players because your teammates sometimes hunt the herd on your side before you even get to build your shrines to gather them.

I don’t and will not ask for amazing updates you guys like give to other civs for Japan. Please just make them independent in treaties.


i feel its already a big enough minus for a japan player having to buy 88 sheeps in supremacy to not offer an issue.

besides a nice british teammate would give cows which are better.