Kangxi is ridiculously OP early game

This is really bizarre for me. I pretty much only play against Hardest AI and win maybe 90% of my games, and I am used to the fact the AI likes to rush. It also makes sense to me that some civs (e.g. Lakota) are truly insane in that regard, which makes sense with their design. But I really cannot make sense of this, and it seems that getting him as an opponent in a game that’s less than 3v3 is a death sentence.

At first I seriously thought that is something about the Chinese that I was missing, as I only learned to play them fairly recently and did the campaign, but no. It’s not really any easier for them to pump out units early game, it’s maybe a little bit faster because of the banner army mechanic, but does not explain this.

A few minutes into Commerce Age, he just floods you with TONS of units, usually 3/4 of them Chu Ko Nus, every time. Most AI rushes at that point are barely an inconvenience for me at this point, but his are just ridiculous and impossible. I just played a 1v1 to learn to play Indians after doing their campaign, and just got obliterated with an army of maybe 20-30 Chu Ko Nus and a bunch of melee units at exactly that point of the game. I literally built up the Agra Fort next to my TC as the first wonder, just in case. It was not enough.

This is either a bug or I don’t know what, because it makes no sense. This is a civ that is not an aggressive early game civ that is harder to survive early on than e.g. the Lakota or Aztecs, who are aggressive rush civs. Once or twice I thought that was just bad luck and/or my lack of understanding how the Chinese work, but at this point I’m sure something is off, this is not normal and just makes no mathematical sense. He would have to spend about 3k food within the first 10 minutes of the game to conjure armies like this.

China AI is very strong to rush. Once you defend it, it slows down.

The problem is that I’m not sure it’s even possible to defend. If the usual defensive troops + TC + militia + a literal FORT in Age II is not enough to survive, I don’t know what else I am supposed to pull out of the hat, and it most definitely feels like cheating (unusually for AoE3 AI). I see nothing about the Chinese civ that would make such absurd early production possible.

You need cavalry against china. Try a musket + cav or xbows + cav or equivalent. Micro the ranged units to take out the pikemen, micro the cav to avoid pikemen and kill ccn.

yeah 10 cav shuts down 90% of china ai


Thanks, I will try to make cavalry early on (I tend to rely on infantry for defense).

Though I still think that does not explain such insane amount of units, it’s really way, way more than anyone else. I played another 1v1 against Italians next, with the same civ and deck, and it was… not very hard to win, and his rush was maybe 1/3 of the size.

The Italy AI is kinda bad. It instantly gathers wood with the architect instead of making a market and getting market upgrades so it has lower eco than normal.

get good, no offense (personally I mean, probably offense to your game playing ability, which doesn’t matter in all of life or morality), but you’re complaining about a hard difficult AI.

I could 1v7 him on hard difficulty imo

Hardest is not hard difficulty, it’s also called extreme difficulty.

But yes, Kangxi is manageable.

No, you can no longer beat 7 extreme AI unless you are in island map. Or if you play in multilayer, which for some reason has worse AI.

Hardest, not hard, which is a world of a difference.

Hint: no post ever worth reading contained the phrase “get good”, and your illiteracy is pretty obvious.

If you can open with 10 Hussars or their equivalents for any civ (if playing Aztecs, you’ll need 20 Coyote Runners; if Inca, 20 Chimu Runners; if Ethiopia, 20 Shotelai), most if not all of the China rush will be neutralized, with the help of Minutemen if you need em. Training 10 Hussars and shipping any other infantry units immediately upon Age-Up should do the job.

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Thanks for a constructive reply. Will try that.

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