Katsina Fortifications & Mass Levies fusion

Currently, there are some unused cards among the african civs,which in my opinion are either too expensive or offer too little. Prime examples are the cards mentioned in the title: both are age2 cards.

  • Katsina Fortifications Levied Bowmen, Gunners, and Spearmen can be garrisoned in Watch Towers; Units garrisoned in Watch Towers increase their attack by 10% each

  • Mass Levies Levied Bowmen, Gunners, and Spearmen no longer degenerate hit points and have their multiplier against villagers removed

Considering africans don’t have the usual minutemen button on the TC, they lack the quick response european/asian civs have, or even the native americans with their warrior spawning at the plaza. On top of that, you can only train the levied units on houses, which can be easily sieged first, leaving you with no levy point, especially if you are getting rushed or you’re expecting a shipment to combine them with.

Another strong point to consider is that these levied units cost influence, which is very hard to mass early on, when you most likely wish you had enough influence to call out a solid levied army. Good luck if your mountain monastery or your livestock market get sieged first.

Since the militia design is already there and it’s most likely not gonna be changed I suggest to fuse this 2 cards into one, or at least have one of them grant a cost disccount, or have the costs changed to food/coin as the normal minutemen. Something to make africans defense a little bit more solid, since their levied units are most of the time not worth training. Well to be honest, katsina fortifications is quite an odd card to send, is just a waste of space in your deck really.

I agree that both cards are complete trash, but you can’t fuse them because Mass Levies is a card shared with Ethiopia, but Katsina Fortifications is not.

If they made it ship a Watchtower Wagon and increase the build limit it could be an okay card. Maybe also make it so levies can be called from Watchtowers.

The cost of the levies needs to be split by default no matter what. They are simply unaffordable with a pure influence cost and essentially can not be used.

In the PUP they changed the levies to come out of Huts in batches so that should be a massive improvement.

I’d like it if they were open to changing the units too. Did you know that there are also Levied Gunners that you can recruit from the Palace? Most people probably don’t know that because they are a completely useless unit that should never be trained.

It would be great to simplify the African civs and consolidate all the levied units into a single militia unit. Levied Slinger would be a good option for a generalist unit. Slings are a common weapon among pastoralists to defend their livestock from predators. Slings were used by Ethiopian militias and across West Africa such as in Ghana and Sierra Leon so they would have undoubtedly been used by the Hausa too. You could give them a spear as a sidearm to justify them being a generalist like the other militia units.

An Ethiopian Slinger: