Keep mods updated with most recent patches


Is there an easier way of updating mods to use the latest patch of the game? I am in a pickle with JUST finishing the final touches on my mod before starting extensive playtesting, and NOW they release the March Spring update )with flaming camels, I need those!).

So has anyone encountered this issue, and is there any potential support from Microsoft to help “diff” between my mod vs. the latest patch? The modding tool provided only helps so much, but essentially every time a new patch comes out I will “have” to remake my mod on that patch every time, but don’t “want” to…


P.S. It would be helpful for some devs to chime in here, since I am looking for some technical guidance on how to either better use the included modding tool or something else that could assist me with keeping my mod on the latest patch.

It’s a little unclear what you’re talking about. I’m guessing you’re trying to do a .dat mod using AGE3? It’d be nice if .dat mods can only apply changes to the base game and stack with mod priorities, but that’s admittedly a complicated thing to implement.

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What would be good would be for example a way to copy AGE3 entries already in a modded .dat file onto the latest updated in-game .dat file. For instance from one opened AGE3 client (loading the modded .dat) to another AGE3 client (with the latest updated game .dat file loaded). Is that possible?

@PeakHornet46539 Thank you for clarifying my question, this is exactly what I wanted to get at, a bulk way to copy all my changes over from the old mod to the latest patch. Thank you for this!

@Tevious7621 please refer to PeakHornet46539’s comment for clarification.

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I know that Tapsa is a very busy guy these days, so there probably won’t be any new AGE updates anytime soon for features like that.