Keep The Game Fresh

You can add some simple but effective features for the game.

First thing old musics and resource gather sound effects can be added.

Game cannot allow much zoom out on x2 details please fix this too.

When you zoom out slingers and arrow shoots barely visiable it can be improved

For balancing game, armor upgrades must gives +1 armor otherwise even on early game villagers and some units being completely useless on battle.

Civilization bonuses need more balance and adding more bonus will be good for the game.

Adding new types maps and spawnable animals can be good thing for game.

Please add more units like skirmisher (game already have spear throw animation on hunting it can be easy) or bring age of mythology upgrade system example: axeman can be upgrade to champion axeman with upgraded stats and with this every unit can be usefull even late game.

I think +2 armor is fine. I don’t see the reason why the villagers should be able to fight the soldiers, if that is not their purpose.

If there were new content, such as a dlc, a javelin thrower (Skirmisher, as you say) would be great.
Improvement for the Axeman no, since its indirect improvement are the swordsmen. It is a separate unit because it must start costing gold from Short S.
In that case I prefer an improvement for the Scout, for the civs who do not have chariots, so give some balance to the late when the gold is over.


Melee combats units attack animations looks weak a bit it can be improved too


Two things that would keep the game fresh in my mind are simple but effective multiplayer features one in particularly a ping aka flare mini-map feature. There is countless games were someone on your team needs help on an area or needs to relocate their villagers inside an allies wall safely, but ends up not making it because the language barrier from China, Brazil, Japan, USA, Europe doesn’t always know what help @ 4 o’clock or open @ 12 o’clock. I know it was added in aoeII and you guys want the originals to maintain the original feel, but I believe it is time if it’s something that simple to consider for a polished and unique change many will truely appreciate.

Another thought but unlikely to happen, I am a high level DM /RM player and what has always been striking my curiousity was why Palmrayns have such a terrible time in Iron Age or DM games usually. The villagers work so much better but I found why they struggle is the market technologies with no woodcutting and poor farming research makes them a Hog on food/wood constantly replacing when their only options in High level DM are armored eles/ Heavy Cats/ or Heavy Horse Archers (they have ballista towers also). But they just are not viable and many people don’t feel their power early in RM because they take forever to get gonig at 75 food and you end up making 16 instede of 20 for tool rush or 20 instede of 26/27 for bronze and the armor is basically ignored when you get rushed in tool losing villagers is not a fun trade compared to speed or villager of Shang for example. This has and will always be the issue of why I have seen people complain of them in RM/DM for than any other civ or people just flat out not knowing how to play them, a handful of experts say yeah but they are so fast / but that is more true of persian/ shang and probably always will be the case unless some more civ balance is considered some day. Top Tier DM civs: Roman, Choson, Greek, Carthage, Hittite Top tier RM civilizations: Assyrian, Shang, Minoan.

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Yep they do.

In AoE:DE there is only one combat animation for each unit as far as I can tell.
Mealwhile the classic had 5 different for the broadswordsman or two different for cavalry units for example.
It doesn’t sound and doesn’t look as immersive and energetic as in the 1997 version.

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yeah i miss old game because somethings missing on definitive edition. i think old sound effects and musics must come. and old combat mechanics was more good and effective