Keep up the Good work Devs!

I know there is a lot of criticism going on about the upcoming expansion at the moment, and while it is awesome that the community is providing feedback about the game a lot of people don’t understand how to do so in a mature and productive way. Just want y’all to know that there are way more people who are happy with the game and quietly enjoy it than there are people who loudly complain about every little thing. While I think some of the names for the new civ variants are kind of odd, I personally am very pumped for the new DLC and am grateful for all of the hard work you guys are putting into the game. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work! Really looking forward to what you have in store :).


Critics of the details do not completely deny the hard work of the DLC and developers. Everyone is full of expectations for the new content, but only hopes that it can be relatively perfect, all based on the players’ love for this game.

The above viewpoint comes from a player who has played an AOE4 game for nearly a thousand hours and pre ordered both the game itself and DLC.


Everything seems good except names, and names are much complained this forum.


Exactly my thoughts, and it’s so true, that while I was playing Age of Empires for a while now, this is my first comment in the forum.
I always liked Age of Empires, and the release of the DE editions was a nice ######## ### ### When AoE 4 came out, it didn’t click with me, so I let it go up until recently.

Then due to the lack of time, I became more of a casual player, and played on Xbox mostly obviously with other games. When AoE 2 came out on Xbox, it just took my breath away. I’m one of the people who enjoy it more on there, then on PC. I just can’t empathize enough how big of a deal to me, that an RTS made that kind of appearance on a console.

Then AoE 4 came out on Xbox, and I’m still overjoyed. It just feels so right, and it actually became my favourite of the series. I’m still having fun learning all the civs, and it’s such a joy that they are not so samey, like in AoE 2.

I’m really hyped for all the new content and the work this title’s getting, and I’m willing to support it in the long-term financially.
While I believe that being really vocal about an issue is more likely to result in a change, and I mostly agree with the criticism that the variant civs received, I want to make it clear, that I’m happy with the state the game is in, the direction it follows, and the dedication it gets.

I find it healthy, that the devs are eager to try out new things, and they have the option to use their creativity. Civs in AoE 4 are various, and to maintain that level of differentiation (which I believe everyone enjoys, who likes this game), they need to experiment with stuff.
Also alternative game modes are always a big yes.

If they make the variant civs optional, and keep them separate from the rest, I don’t think anyone would have a complaint about them. I’m personally eager to try out all the new things, even if some might definitely not be my thing.

So keep up the good work devs! :slight_smile:

I am also not very fond over the names for the variant civilizations, but some people on this forum is making it sound as if this issue is life and death scenario and that the whole world is going to end if this makes it to the game.

Everything we can do is to continue to provide with constructive feedback, they have shown that they listen to us now we just need to hope that they change it again to something better. Either way at the end of the day it’s just a name, the most important aspect is that these new civilizations are fun to play and play great with the rest.

In fact, I love variant civ idea, and I have already tested same thing in my Mod for aoe3. I created 2 “pirate” version of major aoe3 civs, that Captain Drake’s fleet of British and Zheng Chenggong’s Circuit of China, and it runs well.
For the complains about civ names, I could also understand. That’s also happened to AOE2 Indians dlc. that If they created many new civs to represent individual cultures in India subcontinent, there is no reason to keep a conclusion name called “Indians” in game anymore. That’s people’s common sense, that if many names are put in a list, they need to be parallel with each other, not one is civ’s name while another is person’s name. That’s why people here all complain, as devs really did something anti our common sense.