Keep, wall, siege and repair rate all should be nerfed

Well not all siege, but some like mangonel and springlad just so much stronger. If you don’t have springlad advantage you almost can’t siege in late game.

Due to quick repair rate, Trebuchet is basically not an option as a few vill could easily repair quicker than their damage. However, due to high damage of keep (including upgrades in late game), it is not a good idea to send you units to try to kill those vill.

Cannon is strong, however springlad could outrange and destroy them. Also keep could get cannon upgrade on their own and attack cannon… We ended up have a springlad and keep combo that is extremely hard to breakthrough, combine with scared sites it is a big problem.

Wall is turning into problem for how much hp they have and how fast they could build. Me and some of my friends are even trying to abuse stone wall by never finish the construct. As they still block units and you can cancel it and get 100% of stone back.

Repair siege is really fast but building repair is randomly pretty slow, I think it might be the same hp/sec vills repair.

Cannon’s have same range as upgraded springald though excluding Rus/China.

Trebs are I think slightly slept on as they do dps around 40% of a cannon so a couple of them can’t be out repaired (although it is noticeably lower than cannon dps)

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