Keeps + Emplacements, Town Centers, and Outposts sometimes stop attacking

I saw another post about Town Centers sometimes stop attacking and I was wondering if anybody else has seen this?

I had a game today where my Keeps stopped using their Cannon Emplacement twice and its super frustrating. In one case a fight was occurring under my Keep, I researched Cannon Emplacement, the research finished, shot a single cannonball, and never fired the cannonball again despite the fight lasting under that keep for multiple minutes.

I would like to theorize why that would happen and I have 2 potential Troubleshooting leads but its hard to test against AI. Also worth noting is I play exclusively HRE so this bug could be Civ-specific. Another thing worth noting is I often retarget my TC / Keeps which may result in the bug occurring.

1st lead is it has to do with the building becoming obsessed with targeting a Single unit and waits until it can attack that unit until it will look for another target. Hunch for this lead mostly comes from the current Prelate bug, where moving a Prelate while it is trying to Inspire a villager will prevent him from Auto-Inspiring other Villagers, since his AI is trying to inspire the villager he was moved away from before looking for other Villagers to inspire.

I suspect a similar behavior may be happening as well with the Keeps, whether a target it was deciding it would target next moved out of range in the last second / tick, or perhaps a unit died right as it was about to shoot. (IE. the Keep decided, "I am about to shoot that Man-at-Arms with the Cannon Emplacement, he dies from arrow fire, and the cannon refuses to retarget.)

2nd lead is it has to do with Garrisoning and Un-Garrisoning messing with the Keep / Town Center / Outpost somehow. Either Garrisoning / Un-Garrisoning adding and removing the wrong type of attack for some reason. Speculation for this lead has to do with me noticing this bug when I frequently Garrison and Un-Garrison a building ie. my Primary TC.

The intention of this post is to get to the bottom of this issue, and I would like to know if anyone has any info on this? Ideally we would be able to create instructions to reproduce the bug and can then submit it as a bug report.

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happened to me with delhi tower, i built a tower with arowslits and it just stopped attacking, this was very annoying since that tower was built to shut down an enemy dock.
i couldn’t do anything to make it shoot again…

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Hi @HanSoloEater and @Kabanchik2538,

good to find this post. I have reported this bug yesterday. You can find and push/like/whatever the bug report here:

It’s a complete desaster with the weapon emplacements like cannons, springalds and possibly other emplacements. I’m working on a mod with a lot of buildings with weapon emplacements. The emplacements stops again and again shooting for the rest of the game. Manual attack is then also no longer possible. The Gif-Animation in my Bug-Report is made in a standard game on a standard map in a 1vs1 match against my friend.

I really hope, that relic reacts on my bug report.

This is not a bug, Its a feature. Its to reduce length of individual game.
Towers, Keeps and TC slowly stop working so enemy troops can have orgy in your base.