Keshiks need a buff

Yes the latest patch dramatically reduced their cost to 50f and 40g (from 80g) but they still generate very little gold with their attack which is supposed to be their selling point. They have lower HP, lower pierce armour, and no attack bonus vs buildings compared to the Tarkan. Now that’s a unit that needs a buff considering that Tarkans also aren’t that strong (just good) and this unit is MUCH WEAKER. Its purpose is to raid but it isn’t that good at it. The upgrade to the Elite version is also very expensive 700f and 900g. 900…

Not to mention Tatars would never need to build this with buffed Cav Archers and Hussars. Tatars as a whole could use a bit of a boost although the herdables bonus is nice. But yea right now there is no need to build these units.

If you keep in mind the stats and cost of a keshig, they’re actually a very decent unit. Their problem right now is only that they left the production rate unchanged. Simply reduce the production rate to like 12 from 20 seconds and you have a very decent and viable unit.

Tatars UT’s could also need a boost (like eg. silk armor affects steppelancers/camels as well, but not chevaliers, else they become too Keshig like with their armor) and Timruid Siegecraft could be increased to +3 range for trebs (but they lose siege engineers). Thats just some side thoughts, a bit off topic sry.


TBH I couldn’t disagree more.

Tarkan is actually quite decent now that it has +1 pierce armor. Keshik starts out costing 30 resources less, and you’ll make at least 10 more gold back by the end. That’s basically a Cavalier for 80 resources instead of 135, which is crazy. And keep them alive for long enough, they’ll start to generate gold for you.

Elite Keshiks are basically on par with Cavaliers but their upgrade costs 700f and 900g compared to 300f and 300g for Cavaliers. That’s quite a big difference worth mentioning. Tarkans are good units. Never claimed they weren’t.

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No doubt reducing training speed to 12 seconds will improve them a lot!

Yeah, they’re on par with Cavaliers but cost about 33% less, upwards of 50% less with some good monk usage.

Considering that it’s not worth upgrading from cavalier to paladin unless you plan to make more than 44 of them, I think the Elite Keshik is cheap enough to be considered better than Paladin, even before you consider the gold generation.

Seriously, right now Keshiks are straight-up OP.

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