Keyboard shortcut on spectators mode needs this change

I posted this issue a while back but I don’t get any response, therefore I am posting it again. Thanks in advance.
The current way to switch to different players as a spectator isn’t very efficient. I will explain why and what is the optimal solution for this.
For example, lets say 4 different players join a game and they are in a lobby. Player1, Player2, Player3 and Player4 choose their colors to be Orange, Green, Yellow and blue respectively. For AOE2 DE they are Color8, Color3, Color4 and Color1 respectively. The problem is if you have they Hotkeys setup such as Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4, Alt+5,Alt+6,Alt+7,Alt+8 to watch player1 to player 8 respectively, then you would want Alt+4 to take you to Yellow color player but this is not the case, the game will take you to blue player instead. You expect that when you hit Alt+1, then it would take you to Blue player, but instead it takes you to Orange color player since he is the first player in the lobby. This is very confusing to remember the player position in the lobby. Instead, if the numbers were Color based then there would be zero confusion, 5 would always show TealPlayer Prospective, 6 would always show PurplePlayer Prospective.

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