Khmer Civilization

Just keep the Delhi Sultanate as it is and add some more civs from India . I’d like to see the Cholas added along with Khmer and Srivijaya .

Do you think adding one more will sort this issue? there will be more and more asking for other factions.

How does having more Indian civs eliminate the possibility of Khmer civ ?

That problem will always exist for a game based on history . People just want moar !

I am also an Indian and I have no problem that we have DS in the game. It was the largest power in the subcontinent during the game’s timeline. Also, DS is an INDIAN civ. They have influenced the subcontinent for many centuries. You don’t get to decide who is Indian and who is not. Only jingoist, nationalist fucks would have a problem with DS.
Of course, more Indian civs won’t hurt and I would like to see South Indian civs like Vijaynagara or Chola. I think Chola would be a great choice because of their Naval expansion. But if we are going to have just one Indian civ, DS makes most sense considering their influence during the game’s timeline.


Your points have already been rebutted earlier. Please absorb what you read and try to reply only when you have something new and valid to add, and is based off sound reasoning rather than emotion or politics.

That method of posting saves us all the bother of correcting you again.

I will not bother to even respond to your nonsense about nationalism and jingoism. You don’t get to presume the motivations of people who have an issue with DS. I can presume your political motivations for liking DS too, and the boot will be on the other foot.

The only new point you have attempted to introduce is that Delhi Sultanate is an Indian civ, which is utterly asinine and makes about as much sense as terming the East India Company or the British Raj an Indian civ.

Where the hell fid that come from??

Iam from Pakistan and do you know how people react when they find iut that I am browsing aoe on YouTube or Google?

They ask me why am I looking at insects crawling around animated buildings. (and of course it hurts as hell though)

This is literally all age of empires is to the entire country except me, my 2 brothers and 3 other people (which again hurts as hell).And still if you say that the devs included the civ for Pakistani people… I don’t know what to say.

Fun fact : quite possibly I am the only Pakistani on this website yet alone the person to actively keep track of the franchise in the darkest shadows I can find because honestly it gets kinda embarrassing if someone knows what I am browsing.

Although I would like to say that I am happy that the devs actually cared about adding two Islamic civs in the start and actually are trying to represent Islam as it deserves to be ( hopefully)
And I thank them for that specially when they forbid abbasid ai from hunting boar I was really happy because im also a muslim you know


Ant this is the reason why it is better to flash up europe first before filling up whole world. Thats where real customers are.

Are you trying to say that people play the game only for their home civ and not for any other one? I mean there nothing wrong about that but in that sense why I am playing at the first place?:slight_smile:

Even if the game were about modern day, what do you are the odds of getting Pakistan as a playable civ ( once again, hurts as hell to say though

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