Kicked out from lobby

i play AOE:DE now for like 1 week and i really improved up to now, watched a lot of tutorials etc.
The problem is that i always find only a few lobbys and when i find one with like 5-7 players i always get kicked out. I know that there are some really good players but how iam able to join a good lobby when they always kick me out because they dont know me lmao.

Hey, unfortunately, that seems to be partly true. Also I was in a few days ago and 2 lobbies in which I was first kicked and after re-entry I was told that I was not welcome. Apparently, you’d rather wait an hour for some of the players that are in Age 1 in droves…

You’re not telling us what those lobbies were you got kicked out from, so hard to judge.

Simple advice: Don’t join lobbies with GP in the lobby title. It stands for Good Player and they wish to have high skilled players. I can understand they do not desire playing with low skilled players.

If you’re a newbie/rookie, best is to host your own lobby.

I wasn’t in a “GP”-lobby. And it wasn’t a ranked game. And I am not a rookie :roll_eyes:

I was answering the OP.

All good. I just meant that you can’t generalize like that. Unfortunately, some people just have bad manners.