Kindred Spirits Event - Tips


Good evening everyone, I want to dedicate a first article to help people who have had problems with the recent and short new event of Kindred Spirits for AoE4. The event has a date of only 5 days, and apparently the theme is… “Valentine’s Day”, but in the theme of the animal kingdom. Due to the concept of the celebration of the saint, and as part of the “love and friendship” day, many of the challenges are also asked to be in “Multiplayer” and one even includes getting a “Friend”. Do not despair if you have never used this function, if some challenges did not work for you the way you tried to achieve them, here are some tips on how they worked for me.

1.- Together for Life :lock: Recapture Grainville in the Battle of Bremule mission on any difficulty.

  • You only have to play the level “Bremule” of the Norman Campaign, and recapture Bremule after is captured by the French (is a town). I dont know if you have to win, i suppose yes, but i reccommend winning the scenario just in case.

2.-“Fruitful” :lock: Increase the yield of 10 Berry Bushes then accrue 3000 Food as the Abbasid Dynasty or as the Delhi Sultanates.

  • Recolect 3000 from more than 10 Berry bushes with a near Mill with those civs, abbasid or delhi, in one party, nothing more. So dont use only the Town Center, build “MILLS” near those bushes.

3.- “Always Together” :lock: Play a 2v1 Multiplayer match with a friend against any AI difficulty.

  • Check: is 2 versus 1, NOT 2v2, and WITH A FRIEND. The only way to do it is a 3 player custom party, the third player must be a IA, the second an Annonymous player that have to accept a solicitude of friendship for the event, or a Friend that you have. So if is you first time sending friend invitation, you need to check the “Friend” button, and put “Find”, search the name of the player that join the party, and latter send the invitation. Once done, wait until a message of this Annon “Accepted your invitation”, now you can play Start and defeat the IA. Finally a Tutorial to pick friend of a list.

4.-“Take Them On” :lock: Last at least 10 min in a 8 players Free For All Multiplayer match.

  • Check: Three points:
    1.- It can NOT be a Nomad party, because is a Mod, and IT CAN´T BE MOD. Again, IT CAN´T BE A MOD PARTY, it must be a vanilla game in a vanilla map.
    2.- Must be a Free For All (FFA) of 8 players. Each player have to be in a “-” team, it can´t be a “?” team.
    3.- If the game is aborted by an error in the conection, the party dont count as “finished” so you dont get any prize. So if you want to get the achievement at least “surrender” after 10 minutes of gameplay, or at least 15 if you want to be sure.

NOTE: After that, it can be in whatever random normal map, with Full resources or not, island or not. I get mine in Small Island with full resources, and many of the player tought they aren´t going to get the achiev., but because experimented player know that full resources is a valid Vanilla choise of gameplay, 4 of us wait until the end, the 10 minutes, and get the Achievement.

5.- “Buckle Up” :lock: Win a 1v1 Multiplayer match that results in a Conquest Victory.

  • Have to be a multiplayer match were you DESTROY EVERY BUILDING of the enemy, so SURRENDER DONT COUNT. So, as normally all 1vs1 Ranked games usually end with one of the players giving up (as Chess), I suggest playing a custom game, choosing the name of the room that is striking (“event-KindrSpirt-1vs1-0nlyconquest”), and explaining the intentions to the helper in order to get the achievement. Play serious or not, but the thing is that neither give up, and both manage to destroy the enemy urban center.