King mechanic from the last tourney

So those days I catch some free for all games with this king who need to be saved and I was thinking :
“Hey, this is cool, if this is implemented in some sort of way like some civs have king, other khan and so on and he does some stuff in the castle the game will feel cooler”

Was thinking of this how the leader is hiding behind walls and rule from there, people try to defend him and his

That way castle battles could become more interesting.

If there are units climbing the walls to murder him, assassins’ like, at least for certain civs.

Maybe even more stuff in the settlement so you can feel more like real civilization.

With ages the king can choose some heirs with different bonuses, eco wise, military wise, leader wise.

Someone can boost army, other can give you +25 cap of supplies etc.

Just throwing my thoughts here, watching how king run for his life makes me curious how much of internal stuff can be added.

What you guys think, would you like more inside the castle stuff or no ?