King of the hill appears to be broken

I tried the King of the Hill mode with a friend against 6 AI on Extreme in a 2v2v2v2 setup.

A King of the Hill mode with this setup with players is a lot of fun in AoE2DE so I was looking forward to it.
The problems are as following:

  • Me and my friend (same team), spawned on opposite sites of the map.
  • same for the AI teams, the team members don’t spawn next to each other.
  • AI was on Extreme and they build a lot of army’s but never attacked. The army;s just stayed in their bases.
  • The AI never tried to do anything with the fort, we just stood their with our army’s without getting challenged even once.

@developers, can this please be fixed?


Which map?

The ai has never been able to play KOTH properly btw.

Don’t remember the name but was fully snow with a ice lake in the middle.
AI for KOTH should not be to complicated right? Make them scout for the fort and then focues defending that area as highest prio.