Kings the Old World - Qualifier (All you need to know)

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Round of 64: Hungarian Plains, Saxony, Wallachia
Round of 32: Anatolia, Dnieper Basin, Portugal
Round of 16: Saxony, Hungarian Plains, Pripet Marches, Finland, Vistula Basin
Round of 8: Dnieper Basin, England, Anatolia, Courland, Portugal
Qualifying Round: Hungarian Plains, Scandinavia, Wallachia, Saxony, Finland, Vistula Basin, Pripet Marches

Tournament Schedule

Qualifier #1 -
July 9th -
14 GMT - Round of 128
14:30 GMT - Round of 64
16 GMT - Round of 32
17:30 GMT - Round of 16

July 10th
15 GMT - Round of 8
17 GMT - Qualifying Round

Today is a glorious weekend for Age of Empires 3! We have to make ourselves feel boys, so that these weekends are more frequent and one day maybe, eternal!


Stream LIVE NOW! Enjoy.


en que lugar colega? quiero saber donde se transmite :c

This official stream.

Fitzbro also casting some games


Gracias colega! no sabia donde era :3

Anyone got a link to the aykin vs kaiserklein games?

Will be on Esoc Twitch

Only have this game

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thanks, heard it’s a good one.