Knight Rush Questions



When you go for a fast castle and knight rush, what do you do if the enemy starts making pikes/spears as soon as you enter the base and start raiding? Archers seemed like a good option to me but the enemy would make skirmishers after i sent those, and that way you would get countered twice by units that don’t cost gold in trade for your own units that do cost gold. So basically, what do you do when the enemy starts making pikes in a knight rush?


Get the heck out of that base of course. :grin:

If you want to do a decent rush and experiencing problems with pikes/spears countering you, you should take out those barracks first. So bring one catapult and/or trebuchet with you. And two workers to keep them repaired. In the meanwhile defend and slaughter workers with your knights, destroy houses. Also you might have stone left or gaining it fast while doing this for another castle close to the enemies base, then flood with even more knights.


Usually pikes are slower than knights and can’t catch them. If you raid and run with your knights you shouldn’t have a problem with the pikes. If for whatever reason you can’t raid without clashing with pikes, then combine forces and bring some skirmishers or archers. You should have plenty of food and wood so Skirmishers are probably best to support the knights.