Knights/melee attack units stop attacking

The game went back like two years ago when knights would stop attacking when chasing units. The MOst common scenario is when you have a group of knights surrounding archers. Super annoying bug. Please, fix this.

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Hi @FelipeELBravo !

Could you provide us a replay where this issue happens?

Here’s an example. See how 3 knights stalled and never move until their deaths. I encountered this myself multiple times. The pathing has regressed to early 2020.

Another example:

Here’s another thread on the same issue: Pathing still an abomination

@IkoKnight8151 Please give it a priority. Thanks

Hi @FelipeELBravo and @PilgrimHYR !

Do you have a replay where this issue is present?


Hi Iko, I gave you the video link of Survivalist’s game. You could find that game replay on, by searching for his game history. I could help later if you can’t find it.

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These are the games I listed above. But for some reason the links from are not working. The domain name looks like owned by Microsoft, so you should be able to fix it?

OK. I have done my part. You should try to access the recs and debug.

Aw I cannot access either. Thank you anyway for trying <3

Hi, not right now but this happens all the time. I think that the Defensive Stance is bugged because when I engage in the fights with archers with the Aggressive Stance it doesn’t happen. The Defensive Stance should work just the same as the Aggressive one, just that when a unit is standing and an enemy unit pass nearby it should chase them until the border of the line of sight from the original position and then return. When clicking to attack the unit they should chase them just like with the Aggressive Stance. Please, fix that. It is super important because the Defensive stand is the default

Hi Felipe!

Can you provide a recorded game where this issue is present?