Knights of St John with a British flag?

Just noticed this in the IGN interview video. Hope this is from an early-beta version and the flag issue will be fixed before the release.


So this was present in the very first video of the game, millions of people saw it, and still has not been fixed. A competent modder could do this instantly. Didn’t anyone even feel anything strange when producing and reviewing the video?

I don’t feel like criticizing the release as a whole l the and I even totally understand that it is the convention of releasing a game unfinished nowadays. But this makes me worry whether the game is getting any constant update, maintenance or support. If not this would be the true disappointment.


A Yeah…When we did the closed beta, the campaign was not avaiable for testing…

Yes, I finished the campaign and the Knights of St John uses the British flag instead of the Malta flag.

Also, in the Circle of Ossus cinematic about the Fountain of Youth, they are using the German flag instead of the Boneguard flag.

The Campaign is totally broken.


At least its the British flag, as in Malta was a British colony…Its wrong but at the same time right…

It’s simple because the Knights of St John have the British faction as the default faction. (just a reskinned British).

They broke the knights of st john flag reversing it to the default and not bothered to fix it.