Knights of the Mediterranean Palermo Challenge bug

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  • GAME BUILD #: 8779497
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: Palermo challenge not achieved despite 50 Revolutionaries trained in 1 Skirmish Game


Played as Mexican Nation to create Insurgentes x 50 then upgraded Insurgentes to Revolutionaries. Technically, I have done what the Palermo challenge asks, so why no achievement?!

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start as Mexican nation/civ
  2. Create 50 Insurgentes
  3. Use card Plan of Ayutla to convert Insurgentes into Revolutionaries

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Palermo challenge would be achieved.

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  • Didn’t record the game, unfortunately.

If you have 50 villagers and you revolt and transform them into revolutionaries, it doesn’t work either.

You have to actually train those revolutionaries.

Hi there. The challenge is to train them. Not just convert them.

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Hi there Devs. Just trained a bunch of Volontarios del Patria, having revolted (as Italians) to Brazil. Still no joy, I’m afraid. So, the question now is just what kind of ‘Revolutionaries’ did you have in mind?

There is a unit called a “revolutionary”. You have to train those.

No other fancy name.

Those aren’t “trained” so much as spawned/produced for free. You need to choose a revolution that requires you to train revolutionaries.

Just revolt to Central America as mexico and train them, it works

Hi @coffeeco01

Thank-you for your advice, but I am still struggling. Can anyone help me?

I tried twice to Revolt as the Mexicans, but only get either Californians or Texans. So how do I find some revolutionaries that actually qualify to achieve this challenge. I am stumped, for now.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to assist!

in age 2 as mexico you can revolt either as central america or Baja california

And as long as the unit you are training has the name Revolutionary on it, it should count

Hi @coffeeco01

Many, many thanks for your trouble. Much appreciated!

Incidentally, I found another way. Use France as Home Civ and then revolt as Haiti. It is a bit expensive on the Food side, so you need factories or trade gold for food.

I really appreciate you folks being so helpful.

Thanks again!

hello, I couldn’t pass this part, can anyone help?Send theaters (II) master city card as a european civilization.

How do you train them? I am a bit of a novice, and could not find out how to train them

Revolutionary replaces the villager in the town center.