Koreans Buff

This adds flavor to the civ while buffing it at the same time:

Koreans Buff:

Turtle ship is now garrisonable up to 10-15 units

Turtle ship will now be repaired when garrisoned
For free at a similar rate to a basic viking berserker. Or quicker/slower, whichever turns out to be the most balanced, this may be done while at sea, but can also fit a mechanic in that they heal only when up against land

This is generally balanced due to the units high cost (190 wood, 180 gold before shipwright)
It’s also hard to mass

If the reveled balance changes are correct, Koreans will become a civ perfectly balanced, which will not need any other buff…

I dont like the garrisonable turtle ships (nor the similar buff you proposed for vikings in other thread).
Worst, you propose that they can be repaired while garrisoning villagers. As if they weren’t hard enough to kill.
I would buff transport ship instead to encourage landings with these other ships working as bodyguards.

yes but Turtle ships will still be potato

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It would generally be used when the enemy is really fortified, such as an entire island surrounded with navy/malay docks/ walls/bombard tower fortifications and landing units can make or break a game

You know that TS are actually weak to defensive buildings like castle and towers, especially after heated shots, so you would actually pay a lot more for then still have to resort to cannon galleons.

It wouldn’t work the way you think…

True - but clearing a place that will quickly be filled with enemy ships/units and it would be more useful for the turtle ships to push forward after having the canon gals clear the path than for transports to attempt the run by clearing a way your navy from the path to the side to make room and risk heavy losses