Koreans used in 2v2 world cup

I was surprised Koreans being used in the tournament, with pre-december patch.

2v2 setting may be different to 1v1 one, but Koreans were used in an aggressive way.

I hope to see them more often after new patch.


After the finals T90 asked Mr Yo why they picked Koreans on Nomad. The answer of Mr Yo was golden. He humaliated T90 with his answer.

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If there’s one map Koreans can dominate, it’s Nomad. At least Team Nomad, anyway. Haven’t seen much of them on 1v1 Nomad lately.

Villager LOS bonus for scouting TC/Dock/resource locations. Tower rushing is more effective on Nomad as “safe” resources are more rare than on standard maps because the opponent can come from any direction. Fighting with navy and towers sets up a Castle Age economy for immediate War Wagons, which are among the strongest early Castle Age power spike on Nomad. All of these things contribute to a Team Nomad Korean powerhouse.


Ah, so it was the map. I pick vietnamese on team nomad (because of the scouting bonus), never thought in koreans. Interesting…

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