KotM Event - Vatican City #26 challenge?

Hi guys,

I’m stuck on this challenge trying to get the required “5 unique church home city cards” sent to complete this challenge. I managed to send one card as the Maltese which registered, but sending cards again in another game as the Maltese didn’t.

So my question is this:

Do you have to send cards:

  1. That are related to the Church building only (so no Italian Basilica)?

  2. The unique civilization church tech cards for 5 different civs?

  3. Or other cards/techs found in the Church building itself?

I also noted that I was unable to trigger the count for 5 cards when playing as the Italian civ.

Any help will be appreciated.


I think they have to be for 5 different civs.

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It’s for 5 different civs, just set starting age to commerce, speed on fast and resources on high then build a church and research capitalism for the 1500xp then immediately send the church card from your deck, then resign and repeat with a different civ.


Hello in which worlds can you send churches ? same problem :frowning:

esta mal la descripción del desafío, ya que pide las 5 bonificaciones en UNA partida y el juego solo reconoce 5 partidas diferentes usando la carta de mejoras exclusivas de iglesia.

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The unique church cards are all in the Commerce Age for European civs (including Ottomans and Maltese). You have to play 5 games with different civs and send the card in each game. The card looks like this:



Thanks :slight_smile: starting again haha :slight_smile: