KotM Spanish translations errors

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  • GAME BUILD #: Update 13.10442
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 /

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This time I din’t found much translation errors, but:

  • In the compendium, maltese are shown as maltés. It should be malteses
  • Crossbowman (Ballestero in Spanish) maltese royal guard is arbalester in the english localization, but have been translated as ballestero also, so you upgrade ballesteros veteranos (veteran crossbowman) to ballesteros again (arbalester). The correct name for the royal guard units, like in AoE II, would be arbalestero and arbalestero imperial

For now I didn’t found any more error.

I have one. The spanish name for the Winged Hussars is “Húsar Sublíme”, but that term doesn’t exist. It should be called “Húsar Alado”, which is the correct name of the regiment in spanish.

Yeah, I noticed that in the PUP before the KotM launch, but I thought it was fixed. Will check all the husar sublime strings

EDIt: I think that all are fixed, @EntombedCurve02 , may you say me where they display as “sublime”?