Kremlin landmark didn't get the +2 Range from Arrowslit

Arrowslits was recently buffed to give +2 range, but the Kremlin, which is supposed to have the arrowslit upgrade, has 2 less range than an outpost with arrowslits.

Also the Arrowslits upgrade doesn’t have this information.


The change was that once arrow slits have been researched, units garrisoned inside will also be able to shoot the same range that arrow slits provides (8 tiles).

Yes, but the arrowslit arrow also benefits from this range increase, which the Kremlin does not.

The Kremlin’s arrowslit attack has range of 6. The outpost’s arrowslit attack has a range of 8.

Thank you @krainboltgreene! I’ll make sure we check this out. Appreciate the report!