Kwankobe Baazar, Japanese Market Card


Since the update to advanced Markets, Mills and Estates now coming with a wagon, the Asian civs market cards have been effectively Power creped. These cards give a market rickshaw, China +30% Sell/-5%Buy, India +10%Sell/-25%Buy and Japan +20%sell/-15%buy. Compared to the Europeans Market, +20%sell/-20%buy. You could still argue that China and Indians cards are still interesting but Japan’s ones just worse now. This Is probably not a very used card but would be nice to get some love.

Whats peoples thoughts?

You guys use the advanced market ?


Not me, someone must? Right. Would be silly to have cards in the game if there was no use in any game mode.

define “use”, I have it the deck to to assert dominance in meme games



Wood economy Hauds gonna need those advance market card on long game

I’m pretty sure advanced market is needed in treaty on some maps.