LAAAAAAAAAGG is anyone else experiencing lag even in 1v1 in recent weeks?

I’ve played this game since it came out, and after a few problems in the first month its been absolutely fine.

THEN in the last two-three weeks its been game breaking lag. Even in 1v1s! Sometimes up to 10 seconds - it is frustrating and so annoying. My laptop hasn’t changed - nothing has changed (no new apps, games, programs, updates, same internet (good internet) etc etc.)

Is anyone else experiencing this? It even prompted me to retake the benchmark test and I lost 200 points to what I’ve had before and was forced to lower the settings.

Please help or give advice if you have any ideas. And devs, if you read this please let me know if there’s anything you can do (as others have also had lag, though more in TGs)