Lack of communication is most serious issue

I find it absolutely awful, that season 1 ended and all communication we received from developers before it happened was single livestream about UGC. Even exact time was not properly announced other than it would be 10 AM…

  • Season end time was not written anywhere ! (and I will not count initial blog post, who would even remember that or look at it again to find the info…)
  • Lack of any information about rewards, feedback or anything that was provided during the season…
  • Decay bug was not addressed at all. Reported more than week ago and has definitely big impact on many players… Maybe someone should bring pitchforks ? so they realize how they screwed some people over… (I can’t as I fixed the problem for myself by playing to counter it)
  • Lack of information about next season…
  • Lack of information about feedback they took from PUP or forums and what they are going to do with it…

Communication has to improve, if they want my and probably larger portion of this community trust… At bare minimum they should be able to do every second week a blog post to address the community and ensure as that they really listen… At this point I just find it completely dumb, discussion happens and they never acknowledge it with slightest hint of opinion or solution. All they say is “we listen”… yeah we listen as well and hear nothing from you Relic…

I just don’t see why I should support a company and stick with their game, that doesn’t even bother to communicate bare minimum and yet they want to do game as service… so we would stick with it for more then initial release…

So can you Relic finally start communicating and give me/us some confidence that you are serious about this game ?


It ended already? Did you get rewarded?

yes, I received the rewards

found a bug wrt to monuments, i applied the diamond soaring kite monument to my profile and i see the same monument on every profile i visit

I still see their correct monument in the middle of our game tc. Basically whatever monument I choose I see the same monument on every profile I visit.

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Communication, helps the game. Its kinda like advertising and keeps people interested whats happening. We have the community tab in game and doesnt get used enough. Plus the small news box on the front page.

Yesterday was a twitch stream, only found out cause someone in reddit posted about it.

Most games these days have in game paid or game content give a ways. That helps advertising to get people to try the game.

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Doesn’t look like they care too much anymore.
It’s another case of Dawn of War 3, except this time the game is quite good.

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that bug has been on since game came out

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This is quite easy to say unless something very unexpected is going to happen which is very unlikely because they proceeded to end pup and season with no word (if they had plans of delaying s2 they would’ve announced it) so it just means that most if not all changes go to live as they were on pup. Might some minor details changed but overall I doubt they gonna do any dramatic changes.

Usually short test servers are just there out of formality and actually not that much change from test to live unless there is some major bugs or other things.

I feel like they hired people who side hustle as developers… their real jobs obviously come first and then they will think about season 2.

I don’t get it, is this really where AOE is going to die?

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The last original aoe game they had launched was Age of Empires Online. It was officially announced in 2010, released in 2011 and shut down in 2014, why because the content was too expensive to maintain. In 2017, it was reestablished using Microsoft’s publicly released developer-kit for the game and is now hosted on a server emulator known as Project Celeste. Which was then finalized and released on March 14th, 2021.

Aoe4 was launched in 2021, if it survives till 2024 then it will live forever. If not you can expect the community to take over by 2028 and have it working by 2032.

All you have to do is just wait for 10 more years.

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@Woprok A very good and important topic.

The communication must be much better. Something like developer diaries or general information on what they are working behind the scene.

For example when they work on a DLC, what they hopefully do besides the things on the roadmpa, they should let it us know. They don’t have to give us details. But like this we at least now that new civs and new content is on the pipeline.

Please developers improve communication and give us more insights on what you are working on.

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I agree they have to improve their communication to us.

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i have been playing AOE since 1997, even if people stop playing i will continue on. i just ■■■■■ because it will take longer and longer to find games and the one’s you find will be too unbalanced. i don’t want to live thru that again, the dark days were really dark. developers don’t care players are left to deal with the mess.

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This is clearly an outrage. Don’t try to calm us down or reason with us. We are angry, let us be.

Fingers crossed:

We’ve heard from you that the end of Aoe 4 Season One may not have been clearly communicated when we shared our roadmap. Our messaging will improve with Season Two! We’ll also have more news to share early next week—stay tuned!

From Official Twitter.


Age of Empires IV in 2022 – introducing Seasons, an updated roadmap, and feedback tools - Age of Empires

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naw lack of communication is a much minor issue. the horrid game UI, game physics, boring repetitive plays, non-existent single player content and various unfixed bug and horrid color scheme are much more problematic.

lack of communication certainly is frustrating, but try aoe2 if you think aoe4 communication is bad. some bug fix takes over 15+ months to get addressed, bug fixed but came back again, each update with more and more stuff breaks. 1/8 patch will be “decent” enough. aoe4 actually has it much better than aoe2

The information they said may only be specific update details,i guess there won’t be anything new

@Vaishar4213 This is a step in the right direction. Good to see that. Hopefully they will generally improve their communication. They should let us now when they work on things besides the roadmpa. For example when they work on new civilizations or the ugc tools. In a UGC stream they told us for example that they work on improvements for the mod tools. Like assets for reskin units, access to state tree and other things. This is great news. Why not share things like this also on the roadmap? They must not tell an exact date.

@thieftdp8498 I think lack of communication is a serious issue. But of course the slow development speed and all the issues and missing stuff are even more serious.