Lack of real time scores and nicknames

Devs, its one of many feature this game is lacking. You got them in AoE 2. Just copy+past it in this one.

More scouting, less scores, Sir…


What about zoom out?

What about it? (20 char)

Its bad, we need more zoom out option. Just like in AoE 2.

Maybe just play AoE2 instead then?

Or maybe Devs can add missing feature this game is lacking instead?

I think that hiding scores is quite good for this game. Now you have to scout instead of watching score to see when enemy ages up. Some “features” are better to be removed to actually make this game series better.


What is your arguments to remove something that was working good in previous games?

It makes scouting more important. In AoE2 you could exactly see when the enemy clicks up, so in order to not be too much behind you can also click up asap. Now if you don’t scout their base you have no option to know. Also the score gave you quite a good overview of the gamestate, now you have to judge by yourself. People don’t know how much they are ahead/behind, thus probably trying to play like they are more on an equal footing.

Why do they even make a new game if they should take everything that previous games already had? Let new entries be different, not a carbon copy.


Scores are in the game for custom games only. You can make a custom singleplayer or multiplayer game and enable it. It doesn’t exist for matchmaking as it defeats the point of scouting and lets you know what your enemy is doing just by looking at their score.

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You are being off-topic in your own topic… Nice…

Devs should remove scores in game from all AOE games