Lack of Return of Lobbies

When looking for custom games for Return of Rome. I only see sometimes like two lobbies, or just one, even on a Sunday. There is a either small player base of ROR. Or the lobbies are bugged and are not showing up. Which is it?

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Lobbies are an inferior system compared to match making. Lots of players want to try out RoR, but then they notice there is only a lobby and no match making and just dont play online at all. As result the player base who wants to play online RoR is very small. And as result of that also other wont try it at all. The devs should have add a match making system to capitalize on the hype. Now it is probably already to late for this.

I dont wanna exclude a bug, but i havent heard much about a bug of RoR lobby.


I see no games at all for ROR