Ladder dying

Recently it takes a lot longer to get games and the only ones playing is Mongols and Rus. THe game is litteraly dying cuz of player abusing op strats and on top of that even exploits with top tier civs without any repurcussions.

There is no point in playing this game unless you follow any abusable strat op exploits. Really enjoyed this game but the way things are its no playable anymore


What level is your elo?

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It’s not “dying” but people are leaving yes. The game has too many problems to have a “winter update”, “spring update” etc. It needs a massive patch ASAP. Relic is relic, at least they haven’t abandoned this title (yet).


and still playing with same from prev match 11


Yeah I’m taking a break cause I’m just tired of playing against Rus and Mongols every game alongside the fact late game is just whoever spams the most siege wins. Game is most fun in feudal/early castle when there is little to no siege. Past that is just boring as you have to spam springalds to kill opponents springalds so that you can use your mangonels/bombards.


Abusable strats? What elo are you?!? Lol there’s not that much that would be considered an abuse-able strats in this game…

Game is dying because it’s not very good at the very core, feels clunky. How can I keep playing an RTS if I cant even click on stuff properly. Zoom level is a mess, features missing galore…

Well, do I even need to…


Right… And this is coming from someone with the name “MongolTCRush”. Ok then. :wink: :wink:


Yeah, Age of Siege is not fun to play. At the moment, it lacks the Soviet March music; but otherwise it is a good prequel to the Red Alert series.

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I stopped playing cause im not a competition pvper… i get bored easily playing the same lvls and same things over and over again…
new content new lvls, coop, campaign, single and multi player content needed…

I stopped yeah. Too frustrated with the amateurism. Tbf, I don’t know if it’s amateurism or whatever is happening. Let’s say, they’re not great at maths. Together with the amount of time it takes to solve really impactful bugs is just unacceptable to me.

Maybe in a year or so I’ll check it out again.

1200 elo, 1v1, im still finding tons of matches, hasnt impacted me

yeah siege is annoyingly strong, but the game is still playable and i still encounter all the civs, even a few delhi here and there

i think most of these complaints are coming from TG players… aoe has never been a good game for TGs, endless complaints about TGs (smurfing, balance, toxic players, mismatched teams etc) just play 1v1

Why should u check number of TG players (for example in aoe2) against 1vs1. Twice more in TGs.
With all complains Twice more, even now, check aoe2 net.

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for some id…ots the game is ok… but thats not ok!