Lag in 1v1 but not in team games

I have a strange issue where the majority of my 1v1 games have absolutely terrible lag. It’s not PC lag (the little clock next to the player name scores is usually good), but I experience waves of stop motion as my villagers suddenly swim forward and then freeze from minute 0 (through the entire game) in many of my 1v1 matches. This HAS happened in team games but is very rare.

I believe this is a server issue, as for some reason the vast majority of my 1v1 games are played on the UK server; however, I have played many team games on the UK server without issue.

Last night, for example, I played the following games:
JoshuaR vs TheHiggsMoron Arabia on UK server. TERRIBLE LAG
JoshuaR vs JasmemeTea Arena on UK server. fine.
vs NoBoobsNoSkill Four Lakes on UK server. LAG
4v4 unranked on Europe server. fine.
two unranked 1v1s on US (East) server. fine

About a week ago:
4v4 unranked UK server. fine
4v4 unranked US (East). fine
2v2 Brazil server. fine
3v3 UK server. fine
3v3 UK server. fine
3v3 UK server. fine
3v3 UK server. fine
3v3 unranked US (West). fine
3v3 UK server. fine
3v3 US (East) server. fine
etc. etc. (e.g. all the team games are perfectly fine despite many of them being UK server or Europe)

my other 1v1s?
1v1 vs Khmer on UK server. TERRIBLE lag
1v1 vs kanlee2013 on UK server. lag.
1v1 vs acherafo1234 on UK server. I can’t remember. Might have been okay.
1v1s vs Docalaco, Finntasy, L3NZELOTT all on UK server. LAG.

So, two issues: One, despite playing on the SAME server in team games or 1v1s, my 1v1s are dis-proportionally laggy. I THINK it’s partly an issue with the UK server, but I can’t really tell because the game continuously puts me on the UK server for my 1v1s (despite my playing in the middle of the UK night). However, when I play on the UK server in team games, where you would imagine a higher chance of PC or internet lag, I have very few issues.

Is there something different about 1v1 ranked games vs team games that changes the lag situation? Is there a way I can avoid playing ranked games on certain servers? (a server ban?). Is it something else entirely? Has anyone else had a similar issue?



Yep I have played several 1v1 with absolutely unplayable lag issues. Will lag, slow down, then speed up. Then normal for a few seconds then repeat. I’ve noticed the issue only with ranked games (team and 1v1). In team games it’s gotten to the point sometimes where units are compltely nonresponsive. As in, they still haven’t done what I told them after 15 seconds. I have have quality CAT6 ethernet with gigabit speeds and 11 ping consistently when I ping Google with the command prompt. It’s for sure a software issue. Makes the game completely unplayable unfortunately.

Pretty much same here. Up until the last server maintenence everything was fine. And after that most if my multiplayer games are for some unknown reason laggy (but i still have 30 PING). Does not matter if 1v1 or team games.

I have played much teamgames, so i dont really know if there is a diffence between 1v1 and teamgames.

Most of my games are played on UK server too.