LAG AFTER THE patch is insane, before whit some lag but nothing compare to this … and i have a very good PC and very good internet … wtf … i buy the game, i buy the DLC, i love the game and is this … lag all games …
really mad :S


Hello @edualeijado, Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.
We appreciate the energy in your report, and we are already tracking the performance losses caused by the latest update. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Have the same issue. As soon as I hit imp it is almost unplayable. Happens only when I hit imp, not sure if it is the pop etc…

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Stuttering problems still exsit as follows:

  • These stutters are constant and occur at an interval of a 1-5s for the whole duration of the game.
  • Each stutter lasts between 1-2s which can be quite disruptive to general gameplay.
  • This doesn’t seem to be a performance issue as reducing graphics to the absolute minimum has no effect.
  • Occurs even when there a few units or heavy visuals on screen.

in my opinion, tthis is the most important thing developers should care of.
lag must just not be present
it kills 4vs4 matches which is what i love most of age of empires.
and lost of conections are also the most important thing to fix to keep 4vs4 matches that last 40 minutes be played instanly after one player lost conection despite dont losing conection on discord voice chat, autosavedgames takes too much time to load, that my friends just dont want to play autosavedgamed to continue the match.
so something super fun is ruined because of lost of conection of a player or lag. Is ruined at the point me and friends were getting super fun and then they just say, well im going to play other thing, cant hold this disconections

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And I also found that I could not observe any of those ongoing matches, don’t know why, they just stopped at the very begining of the game.

Liar. You said it at the beginning of February. Now we are at the middle of February. When will the fix come out? December?

Dude, the fix literally went out today.


Oooh nice, the hotfix. I’ll give it a go now for sure. Previously, on February 11th, I tried 8-player FFA and the game was nigh unplayable, Low graphics or High, didn’t matter.

I’ll try the same 8-player FFA on same map (new map Victoria Falls) and see how it plays out. I hope it’s been fixed! :smiley:

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Good luck bro… The game still the same… And the community are leaving the game… That’s sad…

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Ok, I tried it and at least for my rig it was better, but there was still a hiccup lag when big armies are moving around or when cannons are firing. There still micro-stutter of course which was introduced with the February patch for sure.

Hello everyone, let me know how your games have been going recently! We are working hard to chase after any potential causes of lag, and it would help us if you shared any details you can about your games where you most commonly encounter frame drops. Recorded games and video recordings help the most. Thanks in advance :+1: