Lag spikes after map pool update

Every time there’s an update, in this case just the map pool, my game starts struggling with performance in terms of lag spikes and stuttering. Why is this? I have a laptop bought just 5 months ago, with 1TB SSD, 32 Gb etc etc, and 300 / 30 (down/up) internet connection. I just don’t get it. The game was working fine until last night :frowning:

Anyone else having similar issues after the new map pool release?

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It feels that something under the hood was changed again.
I have some very small lag spikes like 500ms or less once in a while.
But I don’t have the crazy frame time lag anymore, that’s why I want somebody to confirm this: Can someone confirm this frame time bug?

edit: Nope i still have the crazy frame time bug also.
edit: There are no patchnotes and the version number in main menu is stated as the same.

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