Lag spikes in DE - Anything I can do?

Hello there. While playing AoE3:DE, I constantly notice lag spikes. They are worse when playing multiplayer. It makes the game really unplayable for me.

They’re small, but very annoying. During a lag spike, a click won’t be recognized (or recognized later). That results in constantly misclicking everything and making stupid mistakes. Lowering graphics doesn’t seem to help. Anything I can do? Some help would be appreciated!! :slight_smile:

(Specs: Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz.)

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‘‘good’’ for you

these lag spikes make my game crash

just saying but that is a very old CPU and likely bordering on the recommended specs.

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The strange thing is that it also happens when nothing is going on in the game. Just an easy, quiet age I.

Could it be the processor, yeah? My estimate is that he’s about 10 years old by now.

Watch it here: Lag spikes in DE - YouTube


The problem is very annoying

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for me is especially with mexico and african civ

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