Lag when lota of units fight

Heya so iv scored 1100 in the benchmark. I never drop below 60 fps but whenever a big fight happens my game lags. My connection isbt that bad (30mb upload 10 download) is there some setting I need to check?

Computer specs

i7 2.6 ghz (turbo to 3.2)
16 gb ram
nvidia gtx 950m

That’s pretty normal with these specs. I mean they are fine most of the time in 1v1 on low settings but in large imp fights or team games the cpu will struggle.

Would a ssd or more ram help? I have my settings down on low, is there any performance enhancements I can do?

I know the games badly optimises. Would going up to 64gb ram sort my problems? Its overkill for most game but if the games got memory leaks them maybe it would help.

16 gb should be more than enough and ssd will mostly only improve loading time (might improve performance slightly depending on some details I don’t know enough about but even then probably barely noticable). I mean just check your hardware usage for starters while running the game. I expect the cpu to be the limiting factor here and since you play on a laptop unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do here in that case.

I just specced a 3v3 while looking at task manager. Apparntly my cpu is only using 26% at 1.59 ghz while the game is struggling at less than 20 fps.

How many cores does your cpu have? I assumed it’s dual core? The game mostly runs on one core so that might be an explanation. Also task manager isn’t the most reliable monitoring tool. Maybe get hwinfo or sth similar. But ofc it also could be other components, it’s just that usually cpu is the crucial component for this game as the reqs for gpu aren’t particularly high. I’d suggest getting another monitoring tool and then take another look at your hw usage.

My cpu has 8 threads and 4 cores. I did some more speccan today and set aoe2 to only use core 1, I noticed it was nearly 100% all the time. Then I went and changed it to use core 1 and 2 and both were running at roughly 60%. Does this mean the game now utilises multi-core technology?

Iv downloaded HWinfo and apparantly my core max speed is 3.5 ghz, but mine doesnt seam to go above 3.2 ghz is there a way to force it to stay at 3.5 ghz 100% of the time?

I’ve been getting lagspikes in large games as well, and it doesn’t seem to be tied to units on screen or in game for me. It does happen a lot more when I’m the host for the game though, so there might be more strain I’m not accounting for.

by hosting do you mean party leader in a ranked game or hosting private games?

Don’t think so. Unless something has changed that I’m not aware of the game still runs on one core and some side stuff runs on other cores.

That’s probably bc of one core boost vs all core boost. The latter is usually so somewhat lower thsn the former. Or it’s bc of power limit of your laptop. But you should be able to find that in the specs of your cpu.