Lag with New Update - Help PlZ

Hi there,

i have windows 10 with a Dell XPS 15. It has a 2.8 i7 intel processor, 16 GB of Ram, and an Nvidia Gefore 1050 Graphics Card. This should be able to play the game fine however i keep getting terrible choppy lag during multiplayer games that dosnt go away. Ive updated my drivers, reinstalled the game, and updated Windows. I also play on medium with a ranked benchmark of 1100 to 1200. Wondering why it cant play multiplayer game all of a sudden. Was working fine before the new update. Any suggestions on how to fix?


I have the same exact problem. It started 3 days ago (there was no patch scince then, right?). The problem happens in like 3 out of 4 MP games. Singleplayer is fine. I got fast Internet, Benchmark is 1200, reinstallation, windows update didnt help, just like numetko said. Can you please investigate and fix this?


Same for me. Everything stops for 2-3 seconds (mouse is responding though) ever 10 seconds. Multiplayer only.

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This sounds a bit like a garbace collector lack but I am not sure if aoe de isn’t running on some manual c based storage management.

I have the same problem since the last update, but I also suspriced to some nods on the same days as the update.

How anyone here suspriced to new mods since the porlben started? Maybe we can find a common denuminator

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I didn’t understand the first part of your replay. I actually installed a few new mods though. I just tried to disable all mods, still the same problem. Here are my latest mods that I installed. The problem didn’t occur directly after subscribing though.

Smooth Ground Textures
Longer corpse delay
Advanced Idle Pointer
100 Tournament Maps
No collision trade

I test the multplayer lag by creating a lobby and play AI. Singeplayer works good. So I don’t really see this beeing a mod-problem.

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And it does lag when you play just against AI? Does it show a red or yellow clock next to your name?

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Yes it lags. No Yellow, Red symbols. When playing with friends, they didn’t experience lag, just me.

I also have longer corpse and idle pointer.

My laggs are im multilayer as well but I do not pla, single player.

They even occur in lategame 1v1.

I haven’t had any laggs previously.

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I’ll try reinstalling without longer corpse delay and idle pointer, but I daut it will change anything.

Do you guys only have lag lategame? my lag starts min 1 or not at all (very rarely).

I also tried another ISP by using my mobile data hotspot. Didn’t help.

Can confirm. Getting a lot of lag in MP games at seemingly random times, not consistently, but very commonly. Probably a routing issue causing a sort of desync, but I can’t be sure.

It’s been a problem for us for maybe a few weeks. Not sure exactly when it started.


Mine happens from start to finish. Sometimes it will play fine for 2 minutes but goes right back to lag. Everyone else playing dosnt experience the lag it just me.

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when was the first time you guys encoutered this lagg. maybe we can find a hint there. For me it was proably after the last patch.

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First time lag was on 10.04.2020

Mine was about a week or 2 ago. I think it was when i downloaded the new patch.

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I made a bug report of the lag. It all started with the latest patch. Before the patch no lag at all.

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My game was fine after the patch. Worked great until 4 days ago. Hope they do a hotfix quickly.

same problem here :frowning:

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Do developers even look into forums. Wondering if these issues will ever get correct?

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Yes, I think they do. When ever I had a problem with the game, I was told to post it in this forum. So the more we write here, the more attention we get.

hey dear developers. it would be awesome if you would talk to us? can we try different options? are you working on the problem? i love this game and it breaks my heart that i have to tell my teammates “sorry, cant play with you, still laggs”