Laggy movement in single player

Hi there!

I have a new issue which i have not recognised before the new update.
The thing is that there is the lunar event and the first challange was to play a standard mode game, and then i recognised the strange movement of my scout and villagers.

If I order them to go somewhere then they usually start going and then the animation stops as well as the movement, after a small time it goes on and then stops again.

Actually the game does not stop, since I tried to lure the boar and my villager stopped not as the boar so the villager was killed.

Besides this issue when i shoot arrows in single player then they would point up, and not to the target.

I don’t know if these issues are linked, but it is really annoying, please try it and tell me if you have this problem too.

Yes this happens very often, the game is so busted right now. I’m pretty sure the devs are aware of this and working on it.

I hope so, this problem is very annoying when playing through.

Hi there! A couple other players have run into the same arrow issue and were able to clear it up by enabling V-Sync in the Graphics options. This may also clear up some of the animation stops as well.

I hope this helps!

Yes it helped before the most recent update but since they resolved this problem in it, the issue is not so relevant anymore.

But thanks for your respond