Lakota deleted from treaty

Lakota was one of the fun and cheesy civ in game . It was never strong , but fun .

Now it’s unplayable . It beat Aztec to be the weakest civ in game .

Recent massive nerds to Lakota

1 .

eco nerf = they nerf two huntings card , they nerf Mustang , they bison shipment . And in return what Lakota get ??

A benifit of 12.5% near tepees (((( i don’t know if it’s bug or not , but that 12.5% is not a aura , it’s a tech which act on base stat , not on final stat like any other aura )))

So it’s its basically a little better version of economic theory card , its no where close to compensate for other economic nerfs . Also during boom u can’t put tepee outside circle , so many of ur vill will not be get boost from this .

Earlier u used to boom like 1900-2000 , after changes , boom is like 1800- 1900 .

P.s. don’t forget that Lakota has worst economy in game , no gathering cards for estate or farms ( just one card for each ) . And Lakota has only 74 vill gathering at Max after boom , as u need 25 bills on firepit always or ur explorer is useless .

  1. Lakota in past had good military if u playing vs some low skill player ((who don’t make walls and mortors behind walls )). Who let u stack teepeees .

But even for low skill players it was easily counterable by making Lakota fight at multiple sides , u can’t stack teppess at multiple site and u just lose as Lakota .

Only win condition for Lakota was in past that trade units better in fight to compensate for worst eco in game .

Now —

With tepper not stacking ur units are no where stronger than units of other civ , u can’t trade much effectively now

So basically worst eco with average units .

How r u supposed to win a game ???


sinto muito lhe dizer mais não jogue com lakota

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Bumped to keep reminding Dev’s to not hate native civs .

Lakota is deleted along with already weak Aztec , now having mortor nerf.

No good seige for Inca as well 22 range half demage hauranca ??? With 8 pop mortors , it’s a joke .

Those are so bad at killing artillery late game and kill walls as well now .

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-I am pretty sure its a net buff due the tepee changes (-10% on spice trade but +12.5% from the tepee) , and lakota has a built 10% yield on hunted animals so its a net +5% on yield- forgot about great hunter, just wrong

Also the tepee is a buff on all other gathering so lategame gold is +12.5% as well

cant comment on the other stuff

edit: correction, forgot about great hunter

It’s funny you see people complain quite often Lakota is too strong. Then you get a thread they are too weak. This game is amazing.

Apparently in sup they are good, but the civ is unplayable in treaty.


Lakota is fine in Supremacy. In Treaty at the current state it is unplayable…
I agree with the tepees to not stack anymore but please give Lakota more eco cards !


If Lakota has been reduced to an average civ in treaty with its military, at least give it an average economy too. The eco buffs aren’t enough to put it up to par with other civs with a similar, endgame military strength.

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I still stan that my mod’s act of giving the Lakota a method to infinitely produce bison throughout the game fixes a lot of the civ’s economic problems.

Main game should really just implement that. No new cards would need to be made and the Lakota would have an average economy on reduced villager count without having to find some way to make up for the missing 25 villagers from the Plaza.

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Bisons arent the problem, is the coin and wood while as any nat civ, cant kill mass infantry while their army focus on cavalry, so less units

Edit: Coin, not food

You miss the point - being able to hunt indefinitely would heavily buff their economy, making farming unnecessary for them altogether. That’s one less card they’d need in a treaty deck and would buff their food gather rates immensely, allowing them to shift more villagers to wood or coin. With the extra villagers available, they’d be able to more easily suffer the loss of villager income when they needed to move all 25 to the Plaza.

Right now the lakota bison is that way, non stop hunting. Their food eco is in a nice place. Teepes stacking was a must for unit effectiveness while they werent OP as they had to be in shock points and are easily countered by mortars

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I absolutely agree with this. Lakota was one of the fun civs to play in treaty. It was iffy for Lakota to be able to trade efficiently before the changes but now it isn’t possible. You can have the best economy but if you can’t trade effectively then it is over. Granted, the the buffs could get out of hand and some of the changes were geared more toward supremacy, but now there is just no point to them. The fact you had your little nest to defend from was nice touch to represent the Battle of Little Big Horn were it was fought on Lakota’s terms. I will definitely be miss playing them.

lakota was never strong in treaty

lakota already has infinite bisons , but they nerfed hunting cards and with the worst coin gather rate often 50-60 vill on estate is not enough to keep up coin requirement for lakota

Lakota has to invest cards to keep bison coming. My mod removes that, which lets them focus cards on things other than shipping in raw resources constantly.