Lakota seems weak in 1v1

I’m not a top player (1300-1350 ELO) but I feel like Lakota at my level is weaker than other civs currently.
I see a few problems with them:

  1. No tempo and weak Age II
    No 4 Axe Riders, no 6 Club Warriors, not enough wood to start with a TP

  2. Huge problems with countering Dragoon based composition like Skirm + Dragoon or Dragoon + Falconets
    Dragoons are negating most Lakota military: Axe Riders, Rifle Riders, War Chief, Tokala Soldiers, Tashunke Prowlers.
    I think Lakota can’t efficientyl kill artillery protected by Dragoons.
    The only unit who can kill artillery from distance (Rifle Rider) is countered by both Skirmishers and Dragoons so he will die instantly, Axe Riders can’t get close enough to do it too.
    I don’t know, maybe mass of Bow Riders in melee would be able to go through Dragoons and kill Falconets because of their 30% Melee Resistance but they have only 10 base melee attack. Probably won’t work.

  3. Siege issue
    Advanced Captured Mortars is crucial card for Lakota if opponent turtles. But this card is overnerfed hard. 3 Mortars for 750 coin is not a good value for an Age IV card. I feel like this card could have no additional cost as before.

Any thoughts? I know that @KEVINITALIEN670 plays Lakota and @bsound7 too. Do you agree?

I am around 1400 as well, and judging by the one game in Hidden tourney going on at ESOC, Lakota needs to play like aztec now. With healers in fire pit, and playing a stretched out age2. Raiding and winning isn’t the game plan anymore. :\

They should revert the mortars nerf they did some patches ago. That population cost for same stats than europeans doesnt make sense. Mortars are now mostly unusable cause natives need number superiority.

I saw that game too! Kevin played it very well. 4 Healers card was interesting to see.
I almost felt the frustration of Russian player to chase Lakota army all over the map :smiley:

Still, if Russian player goes for Cavalry Archers + Falconets instead of infantry would be a much better play for him (at least I think so).

lakota is based to tempo and need to keep pressure on ur opponent, its not a civ who all you need is making bow rider and turn around whole game, you have to push smart and on the good timing, and ofc its not a civ based eco but based on good timing with the right unit ( like don’t make rifle rider against goons or don’t make wakina for a skirm war )