LAN troubles

Hello, I can not play LAN with my brother, after a few minutes in the game, the game takes me out, the internet connection we have is good, so I do not know what this situation is

@Danicela experiences the same issue like you do. Until now there has not been an official answer or solution for this problem. You should join together to share your experiences and testing.

Yes, it was strange that no other cases were reported :

I had this when I wanted to play with my cousins who live in another country, we met for the holidays but we aren’t in same country the rest of the year, so I couldn’t make other tests since last summer.

But next thing I wanted to test is to activate the DirectPlay feature on every PC. In fact there is only 1 PC (my main one) which never crashed, and I wonder if it’s only some stupid Win10 option that we should activate everywhere. (I’ve seen cases of adding keyboard languages and things like that solving issues, which have no logical link with the game and the issue)

You are right, I would test that too. DirectPlay should be enabled on all game pc’s because some older games could rely on it too. Although the game has been partly rebuild and packaged in UWP it still could use DirectPlay dynamic link libraries. Then again, you could play for a while before it crashed, same like @PChanPower. Maybe he can check the DirectPlay thingy?

Hi, actually we are playing in the same network, today we tried at job, with a smaller map and works fine the game, we will try in a while at home with a little big map and I will let you know

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by the way, I have activated directplay, I’ll see at night

did it solve the problem ?

Hi Danicela, apparently yes, I played with my brothers yesterday, and actually succesfully,